Top 7 Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

CPM or Cost Per Mile ads program is another best way to make money from your blog. Most of the blog owners are dependent on Google AdSense. As Google AdSense is the only network which pays high click value to publishers than other PPC networks. There are different type of advertising networks from which blog owners can make huge income and CPM ad networks are one of them. The working method of CPM ads is different from PPC programs.

How CPM Ad Networks Works?

Basically, CPM pays you on the basis of every ad impression that your ad will receive and you will get paid for impressions, not for clicks on ads. If we take an example, lets say your blog receives 8,000 unique visitors per day and 20,000 page views per day. Lets say, your CPM is $2 and if we calculate your revenue 20,000/1,000 x $2 = $ 40 per day. That means you are earning $40 per day, which is quite good income.

The CPM rates may change and depends upon the advertiser and also depends on the country of visitors that your receiving traffic from. If you have a good traffic blog, you can choose from some top CPM ad networks to make good income from your page views.

Tribal Fusion

It is one of the most popular and highest paying CPM ad network to make good income from your page views. They have very strict approval rules, your blog must have at least 500,000 page views per month. Tribal Fusion is famous for highest CPM rates.

Casale Media

It is another popular CPM ads networks which have good CPM rates for big publishers. The eligibility criteria for this network is that, your blog must have at least 50,000 unique visitors per month. They also have high as well as fixed CPM rates for publishers.


Advertising is also a top CPM ad network to make good income form your blog's page views. It is AOL company and claims that it monetizes about 1.5 billion impressions per day. You will get approval only if your blog has at least 500,000 impressions per month.

Technorati Media

It is a San Francisco based company and was founded in 2008 by Dave Sifry. Technorati offers high quality CPM ads and you must have good amount of page views to get approval. It is the largest social media ad network and is good for those websites which get a lot of traction of social network.

Conversant Media

It is another best CPM ad network and is also known as ValueClick Media. The eligibility criteria is not tough and you can get approval even if you have less traffic.

Burst Media

It is also best CPM ad network which approve your blog, if you have 5,000 monthly unique visitors or 25,000 monthly page views. They offer high quality CPM ads and you have full control of ads.

Clove Network

It is another best ad network, which allows you to make money from your page views. They also offers CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA in addition with CPM ads. In this ad network, the team will select ad for your website.
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