7 Best Pay Per Click Advertising Programs To Monetize Your Blog

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) also known as Cost Per Click ( CPC ) advertising programs are the best monetization programs to make money from blog or site. Every blogger prefers pay per click advertising programs to monetize their blogs because you don't have any issue of the product sale. You will get revenue when your site visitor clicks on the ad displaying on your blog. The cost of click depends on how much advertiser is paying for a single click.

To make enough money from site, you have to keep in mind some factors to become successful. The first thing is to provide good quality to your blog. And the second thing is to choose a good PPC program which is paying good CPC rates to the publishers and should have proper payment programs to pay on time. You can choose from the below listed Pay Per Click programs. These the most highest paying trusted advertising programs to monetize your site.

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the king of PPC ads program. It is a dream of every site owner to monetize their site with AdSense. Due to its high quality ads and high payouts to publishers, every site owner is mad to be a publisher of Google AdSense. Currently AdSense is the only PPC program which offers high CPC rates than other advertising programs and serves the most targeted ads related to your content, which is helpful in increasing CTR ( Click Through Rate ). The approval process is difficult due to their very strict policies. You blog should be of high quality in order to approve.


Media.net is the Yahoo-Bing ad network and is the second largest PPC advertising network. It is also CPC advertising ad program which pays high CPC rates, but not higher than Google AdSense. It is a contextual ad network which gives you relevant ads and you can see your ads performance in real time. You site must have more percentage of traffic from US, CA, UK along with content and grammar quality to join this program. The approval process is difficult as compared to other networks, but is easy if we compare with Google AdSense.


It is most popular in-text advertising network which pays the publishers on the basis of ad views and clicks on ads. They don't have standard banner ads, but they servers in-text, in-frame, in-tag which appears hyperlinks and ad will be targeted for any keyword related to your content. When a visitor hover the mouser cursor on the link ads, publisher will get revenue. Due to in-text advertising, the company only accepts the sites which have content of high quality. The approval process is quite difficult but very easy if we compare with Google AdSense and Media.net


Chitika is a contextualo ad network which shows targeted contextual ads related to your keyword and pays for every valid click on the ad. The cost of a click depends on your site's niche and it may be consider low if you don't have traffic from US, UK CA. The approval process is fast and you can get Chitika account instantly.


Bidvertiser is another best cost per click advertising program which pays the publishers for every valid click on the ad. The cost of click may consider low as compared to above discussed advertising networks. Sometimes it shows non-targeted ads on the sites, due to which Click Through Rate ( CTR ) decreases. The overall performance is good, but if we compare with above advertising networks, it is not so good. The approval process is quick and easy.


Clicksor is another CPC program to monetize your site. Clicksor offers standard banner ads of different types and also offers in-text ads like Infolinks. The ad serving performance is not so good, but you can make decent money if you have good traffic on your site. The approval process is quick and easy.


Qadabra is PPC advertising network which servers standard banner and popup ads. You can choose from different size of ads to improve your ads quality on your site. Ads serving performance is not so good as compared to Google AdSense, but you can make good income if your have good quality traffic on your site. You will get paid on the basis of CPC and CPM. That means you will not only get paid for clicks, but you will also paid for impressions on the ads on your site. Approval process is quick and easy.

You can choose from some best PPC advertising networks. Sometimes, the ad network does not give goo response. In this case, you should change and see which advertising network is giving you good income.
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