Top 5 Revenue Sharing Websites To Make Money Online

Revenue sharing websites are the best sites to make some dollars from your knowledge without any investment. There are two ways to make money online. The first way is to invest some money online to make sites or blogs and share your knowledge. After making a site or blog, you can try various methods to make money from your blog or site.The second method is to share your knowledge on revenue sharing websites.

Now you might be confused that what are these revenue sharing websites and how they will pay you money? We will discuss in the next paragraph that what are revenue sharing websites and how they are paying money to the users who joined revenue sharing program.

What Are Revenue Sharing Websites?

Revenue sharing websites are those sites that you can write for and earn money from your written pages on these sites. Most of the sites make money from advertisement or product sales. When you write for a revenue sharing site, they place ads on your pages and you get some percentage or whole earnings made from your pages. Some sites also allows the writers to choose products that are advertised on their pages, and the writers get some percentage of earnings that the site earn commission from product sales. That program is called affiliate marketing. Here are top revenue sharing sites to earn from without any investment.

Bubble news is one of the best revenue sharing and easy to use website that you can write for. The best thing about this website is that you can write about anything you want to, as long as you are following their guidelines. Your article should be of minimum 400 words and you will earn revenue on the basis of page views. You will earn more with more page views on your written articles.

This is another best and popular revenue sharing website where you can earn revenue from your articles. Here you have to create a timeline of events for almost anything newsworthy. This revenue sharing website works on 50-50 basis. You will get 45% of the revenue generated from your articles and 5 % of the revenue from the articles of those you refer.

It is another revenue sharing website which allows you to earn some dollars by writing for them. You can write about any topic you want to, but the approval process is quite slower. You will get 75 % of the revenue generated from the number of page impressions that your article will receive.

It is different from other revenue sharing sites. Here you can post content, images and links to other sites. You also post even a single image or a single link can be placed. You will get revenue on the basis of page views you get on your page. But you will get very low revenue, only 60-70 cents per 1000 impressions.

Daily Two Cents is another revenue sharing website which allows you to write on any topic with minimum 100 words limit per article. You will get about half cent per unique page view on your article. You must have Paypal account to get your payment. The good thing about site is that, it has very payment threshold of $5.
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